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Nettle includes features such as digital receipts, open orders, stock tracking, business reporting, online store and more. It also integrates leading payment processing solutions, pairs beautifully with receipt printers and cash drawers, and syncs to the Cloud.

Offline Mode

Performs offline for essential features allowing you to move, edit and sell your items.

Sell from a smartphone or tablet

Run your entire business with ease. Sell in store, online and on the go.

Multiple Locations

Easily manage multiple locations under a single account.

Online Store

Open your custom e-shop and offer items online with a single tap of your finger.

Employee Management

View performance reports for all your employees from any location and device.

Time Tracking

Easily track the employee work hours and export your data to .CSV format.

Passcode Access

Set the passcode access and enable your employees to Clock In/Out.

Import Items

Import thousands of items to your Item Library using the CSV spreadsheets.

Export Data

Export sales performance data to the spreadsheets for backup and further analysis.

Create & Edit Items

Easily add, edit and manage all your items directly from any location or device.

Variable Price Items

Assign variable price points to items included in your sales order.

Create Item Variants

Include item variants such as size, colour, material, or variable price points.

Create Item Modifiers

Set customisable item options for topping, add-ons, or special requests.

Categorise Items

Merge your items into categories and improve your sales insights.

Inventory Management

Set timely alerts that will remind you when it's time to restock.


Set custom percentage or pound discounts for individual items or the entire sale.

Order Options

Quickly note down order options and keep your customer orders in check.

Open Orders

Set up open orders and charge them once you’ve completed the service.

Item Favourites

Add your best-buy items to Favourites and ease your item search at checkout.

Barcode Support

Scan the barcode using the camera on your device to find your items faster.

Customer Management

Identify your most loyal customers by tracking their engagement and shopping habits.

Process Custom Sale Amounts

Assign custom sale amounts to items included in your sales order.

Accept Cash, Card and Other

Efficiently manage your cash or card payments and accept gift cards.

Split Payment.

Split your customer receipts and accept multiple payment types in one sale.


Carry out refunds for the selected item or all items in one sale and accept returns.

Third-Party Integration

Offering integration to receipt printers, card readers and accounting apps.

Customisable Taxes

Create multiple tax rates and choose how tax is applied to your items.

Cash Drawer Management

Set your cash drawer preferences to open before or after completing a sale.


Get an instant overview of your sales, product, and employee data.


Customers can choose to have their receipts printed or sent per email.